6:19pm January 5, 2013

Finally, a great comic with a female protagonist that’s both insanely powerful and as muscularly defined as someone of their power gets (see every male superhero that can punch things), without once overemphasising her sexuality, making ‘obligatory’ sexist clichés of men or women, or even making anyone some muscle-bound fuck-puppet that hits everything first with no concept of delegation (see every 90’s action comic).

Although this character came from the mind of Rob Liefeld (she was a side character from his original series- Supreme, so he owns copyright) they revamped her entirely from 90’s generic super-heroine to an actual 3 dimensional character, who actively looks down on the semi-psychopathic narcissistic.

Of the 6 or so main characters, 4 are women that not only don’t take shit, but don’t get taken to that ridiculous more-chip-than-there-is-shoulder stance, and they’re rarely helpless. The characters mature quickly, and although the story seems at times rather ham-handed with it’s occasional underlying messages, it doesn’t matter much because it’s still very fun to read if you like ultra-violence and women that kick ass without needing to be either “I am a woman! Here me roar, puny men!” overcompensation or “I am a woman and these are my tits” as is commonplace in too many male-dominated comics.


Gloriana is about 600-800 years old, having appeared on Earth around 1913ish from her home planet of Thule, being the daughter of 2 of the ruling class of a warring race. She was the unity to the conflict, and after 500 years of so got bored of training and went to Earth.

Riley is a woman that from the age of 7 has had visions of Glory’s life in her dreams, and after the visions start looping when Glory disappears she starts to make a plan of finding her, which thankfully is managed very quickly.

It’s mostly action adventure, with some hint of greater depth once the series gets in full swing (only 8 issues released to date) and if you want a link to them online to download, just ask.

4/5 stars; room for minor improvement in following issues. Like having less plot twists than an M. Night Shamamallama movie.

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