5:03am April 16, 2014


Patriarchy backfiring on men is not sexism against men.

5:03am April 16, 2014

80% of my friendships on tumblr

  • me: we should talk more!
  • them: yeah we should!
  • both: *never talks to each other again*
5:03am April 16, 2014


gamey thrones prints 

5:02am April 16, 2014

There are two kinds of pain - the sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain - the sort of pain that’s only suffering.

I have no patience for useless things.

— Francis Underwood (House of Cards)
5:02am April 16, 2014


The Rock works out at public gyms and screams ”FOCUS”  when people stare at him to keep them focused on their workout instead of him.

I LOVE HIM and his little smile

5:02am April 16, 2014



we need better sex ed because I know a girl who thought that the female orgasm always involved squirting so she fakes by peeing on guys and this needs to stop

Let her continue

4:51am April 16, 2014

“You can’t even read American fiction to get a sense of how actual life is lived these days. You read American fiction to learn about dysfunctional white folk doing things that are weird to normal white folks.”


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche (via tokenblackconfessions)

When I read that quote in the book, I cheered. Seriously, I was nodding and going, “Yep, the doors to the church is open. She’s preaching today, all day.”

(via jazzypom)

4:50am April 16, 2014



Ellen Page & Laverne Cox | GLAAD Media Awards 2014

Ellen Page is a tiny gumshoe detective working to expose a ring of corrupt politicians! Laverne Cox is the charismatic club hostess who gives her the inside scoop on all of her cases! Can they put aside their torrid romantic past to secure a statuette full of top-secret microfilm?

Coming this Christmas: TINY DETECTIVE.

4:46am April 16, 2014
4:46am April 16, 2014


this movie is so funny it’s unbelievable

4:45am April 16, 2014
4:18am April 16, 2014


do u have those songs that awaken ur inner stripper or is that just me

4:17am April 16, 2014



Animals getting help from people.

The feels..

4:13am April 16, 2014





chris control your goddamn face you have just gone through an extremely painful super-serum transformation you did not just have the diddly doo orgasm

…actually, at this point, Steve’s just now experiencing the sudden absence of both recent extreme pain and long-term low level pain.  He’s probably so high on endorphins that the expression is completely accurate.

Also, he was asthmatic. This is the first time in twenty years that his lungs work. Ever had an oxygen high?

Might not be an O-face folks, but homeboys high as a kite.

4:12am April 16, 2014

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

— Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)